Necessary remarks

We do not recommend any cancer therapy neither of mainstream nor of complementary medicine.

It is you who have to decide.
What we offer is scientific information that is refused frequently, to provide you a basis for your decision.

If your doctor has another opinion ask him to take a stand to the results of research (you will find all original-papers (beside of the books) linked at the point literature).

There should be no shabby excuse that the literature could not be found.
Don’t accept if he says he has another opinion and assesses the results in a different way. If he is not able to substantiate his opinion, you shall think about whether you will be patient of somebody like him.

If he says that the results are not from renowned experts, this thinking demonstrates his trust in authorities but not in his intelligence. A physician shall have the ability for an own opinion and for substantiating it in a plausible way.

A scientific result is either right or counterfeit, independent who performed it. It is a defamation to ascribe a fake to somebody unknown.

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