What shall a cancer patient do?

You have to decide which way to go.

It is your life.

It is of no use to do a favour to somebody e.g. to your doctor.

Please keep in mind, mitochondria being damaged by chemotherapy or radiation cannot be revitalized. Therefore it is impossible to think, let’s first make chemotherapy, later on we can try something else.

Your decision for chemotherapy or radiation is non-reversible.

Independent of your decision you shall do three things in any case:


There is always the suspicion that toxic substances have accumulated. Start a detoxification therapy guided by a physician or natural-health professional with experience in it. As a first step all amalgam teeth (step by step) shall be removed and heavy metals shall be channelled using selenase, ramson or coriander-drops. Chlorella algae are useful as well and clysters of (not decaffeinated) coffee (3-5 spoons of coffee in 1 litre water, remaining for 10-15 minutes in the hindgut). It is also good to have sauna regularly or medical bathes or wet-packs or sodium carbonate. Please do not do all these things simultaneously, listen to your therapist.

It is also important to avoid toxic substances. Buy organic food, even if it is a bit more expensive. Meanwhile you also can get them from discounters. Organic food is filling quicker, so you eat less and the surcharge is compensated. Please be aware that official safety limits for pesticides are only for one pesticide at one time. Very often there are more of them (all of them below the limits). In combination they may become dangerous, however. You are on the safe side by buying organic food. Before buying textiles, cosmetics or washing agents we advise you to have a look on specific websites testing environmental impact of those articles.

In spite of intensive confusion propaganda electromagnetic waves from mobile phones, TV and computer screens but especially from transmitting masts are definitely bad for health. We cannot avoid these waves, but we can keep our bedrooms (where we stay 1/3 of the day) nearly free of them. Throw away your microwave it is extremely dangerous. For warming up you can still use a stove. Some minutes more should be worth your health.

Terrestrial radiation is discussed controversially. But there is some serious research about it. At the technical university Munich hydrogeologists had been compared to diviner by prospecting water. The diviners had been definitely better. Most well drillers have or hire diviners, they know why. If a diviner tells you to move your bed it may be helpful and it is not much effort.

Change of alimentation

There are numbers of so called cancer diets. They all have some features in common:
· Fresh organic food

· Crudités or freshly pressed juices (not everybody stands crudités)

· Few or no meat, especially no pork

· Unsaturated fatty acids from plant oils (no butter, no margarine)

In all cultures and all medical systems of the world, including European tradition, food is the first remedy. Please do not ask your doctor, if he is not an expert in nutrition. In medical education he had nearly nothing heard about it. After years of coke-muesli-bar-diet in long nights on clinic-wards he will not have improved his knowledge. Nutrition in clinics sometimes is an awful kind of type “greasy spoon”. Most mothers know much better what is good for sick people.

For biochemical reasons damaged mitochondria are not able to gain energy from carbohydrates. They need fats and oils. Please change your mind of healthy food therefore a bit. The oil-protein diet according to Budwig seems to fit this demand (and it tastes fine).


If continuous stress is (perhaps the most important) reason for cancer, it is necessary to do something about it. In most cases it is impossible for someone to escape from this stress without help. Belief it or not: many people, who overcame cancer, later are thankful for “their” cancer. It became the turning point of their lifes. They started their life again from a new solid basis. Sometimes they decided to be divorced or they changed to a more satisfying profession, even if sometimes they earned less.

Normal psychoanalysis is unable to cope. It always ends at the limit of personality. It is important however, to go beyond of this ego to a deeper ground of being. This recollection became strange to many people. Who has a strong relationship to one of the abrahamitic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) would call it finding of god. There are many monasteries offering meditations and other courses. Some monks even became Zen-masters. Other people find a way in eastern (transcendental meditation) or far-eastern meditations (Zenmeditation, Buddhism of many kinds).

A very good connection of exercises of body and mind is fasting-walking and simultaneous meditation. Fasting makes a free spirit together with rhythmic movement. During fasting, insulin level drops, activating transcription-factors (FoXo) that start apoptosis (Barthel et al. 2005). At the same time cells are protected from radicals promoting cancer.

In many cases tumours vanish after the patient had been able to solve his conflict, he thought to be intractable before.

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