First steps

What shall I do first?

  1. Don’t be pressed by anybody. A tumour had years, perhaps 10 years, to develop before it can be detected. You will have at least 14 days to clarify the way you will go. If your doctor tries to press you to do anything quickly, he does not take you seriously. It is your life. If your doctor presses you, look for a better one.
  2. In all cases go to a second physician and let him make a diagnosis independently from the first one. We shall show you why. Misdiagnoses in cancer are not at all unusual.
  3. Acquire an informative book like:
    L. Hirneise: Chemotherapy Heals Cancer and the World Is Flat. We will follow this book partially.
  4. Be aware of well-meaning advices and references of so called experts from mainstream- or complementary medicine. Be critical and use your own brain.
  5. The bad news:
    Up to now there is no single medicine or miracle therapy healing cancer. According to our understanding there never will be one.

    The good news:
    For all types of cancer you will find patients, who recovered completely. Our definition of healing is if a patient is still alive five years after cancer had been detected and is sufficiently healthy. Cancer is not necessarily a deadly disease.

    The ultimate cancer drug?
    Since 30 years twice a year (normally March and September) you can read or hear the news, that Professor NN from the University in the American state MM found the breakthrough in cancer treatment. In 3 to 5 years (depended on the term of the grants) it will be ready for the market. You will never hear from it again (until the money had been granted).

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