Effective healing with EGAA
(Effective preparation of spices and aromatic substances)

You don’t belief that you can cure cancer only with spices and AIDS, malaria, rheumatic diseases and depressions in the same way. Try it or read the following chapters. So many people have already racked their brains to develop highly active drugs. It cannot and must not be so simple and cheap.

But this exactly is the reason.
All people making research in therapies want to sell their work, if possible to Big-Pharma. For them however a drug is only of interest if it is more expensive than a current drug. Why? All of them are joint-stock companies. The value of a stock does not depend whether the drugs are good or not but on turnovers or expectations of turn overs. Since the number of patients is not growing the costs per patient has to increase, to make balances healthy.

Egaa - Pic 1This is a simple basic principle of capitalistic economy, being balanced by the market in other branches. If cars become too expensive and only some psychopaths (buying a prestige object not a car) will buy them, the market collapses. This is quite different in drugs. Similar to public spending, the people who order are different from the people who pay for it. The order is mainly organised by the physician or in his background by the experts who decide which drug has to be prescribed for which diagnosis and will be paid by the insurances. The same experts have determined that all people with a (systolic) blood pressure over 140 mm Hg have to be treated with beta-blockers (the old rule 100 + age became obsolete). Millions of new patients (costumers) were created over night. The same is true for cholesterol and antilipemics. It will be blue-eyed to see this as a simple coincidence.

If a substance turned out to be effective in scientific trials this is a fact in science.
This however does not mean you can sell this thing and name its effect. It is well known that onions with a high content of serotonin help against depressions. If a supermarket will advertise this effect the next costumers will be the states attorney. What is good against depressions is a drug that has to be registered for a price of 8-10 millions € (clinical study I and II). Only few people have this money available and they want a return of this money. Therefore they only take substances that can be protected by patents (normally not for spices).

Many effective treatments are so withhold from patients. Only registered drugs will be paid by insurances. By this way the physician (willing or not) directly becomes a salesman of Big-Pharma, while insurances and legislative (politicians) become indirectly sales representatives. And all is chargeable to the fee-paying member.

Egaa - Pic 2It is blue-eyed to assume that there are no dependencies. They can be as crude as a direct payment to an off-shore account of a minister for health (as twice with trial results of EGAA-2 in AIDS being blocked because they had been too positive). The dependencies are more sophisticated in developed countries. 70 % of all research money is third party money (mainly from Big-Pharma). By this research somebody can become a professor who later decides in committees about rules of therapies.

Different to spices most registered drugs are mainly emergency medicine. They are effective but they often show enormous side effects if used permanently. Who knows e.g. that betablockers (being prescribed in masses) limit the suitability to drive? Many diseases are caused by this way (= iatrogen, caused by physicians). 64 % of all bereavements in clinics are iatrogenic mainly due to drugs. This is the inclination of Big-Pharma: Each healthy man is a lost costumer. These self-made diseases have to be treated with other drugs.

The Example – Cancer
the group of professor Hölzel (Schlesinger-Raab et al. 2005) found that the five year survival rate for the four most frequent sorts of cancer has not changed the last 20 years. The costs however increased eight-fold.

For comparison:
20 years ago a PC had 512 MB and costs of 800 DM (= 400 €). You can imagine what will happen if somebody tries to sell a PC with 512 MB for a price of 3200 € today. Kadyla the newest invention for cancer treatment from Roche and Immunogen costs 9800 € per month. This is gold for the stock exchange. We all have to pay this by our fees for health insurances (a compulsory charge like taxes). Using EGAA-3 a tumour can disappear for 0.8 % of these costs on a solid scientific base and without any side effects.

It is known for millenniums that spices not only improve tastes but are also good for health. Their disadvantage however is: many of them are too hot, too bittern or too acid in effective doses. Using a specific preparation (biogenic quantum dots) it is possible to use spices in much smaller quantities. You can find details in the book (Gradl T 2011) and at Youtube: Quantum Dot Technology

Only mixing of spices and aromatic substances will be of no use. The boosting effect is indicated in all recipes.

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