Cancer – What is cancer? What causes cancer? Which standard / alternative therapies are available?

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Cancer cellsWhat is cancer?
Cancer is a disease of the whole person, of body, mind and spirit.

How does cancer start to develop?
We don’t know. But the following theory seems to be the best (it can be falsified however one day).

All cells of the body have certain life span of some days (white blood cells) to years (nerves). After this time new cells have to be created. The only way is cell division. Two cells remain, but only one must survive, other ways a tumour will proliferate.

For this reason cells have a mechanism called apoptosis, a kind of suicide. From specific organelles, mitochondria, a messenger substance is secreted and apoptosis starts. Sometimes the outer membranes of mitochondria are tight and the cell cannot perish.

Standard therapy
After diagnosing a malignant tumour, the first question is: shall it be removed by surgery. Off course after surgery the tumour is no longer present, but the reason (toxic substances, continuous stress) is still not eliminated.

Only the symptom had been removed. This is like taking a painkiller against a pain without looking what is the reason for this pain. Sooner or later another tumour will come back. In main-stream medicine they are still talking about metastases in this case. To avoid them, chemotherapy and/or radiation starts. Both methods aim to genetic substance in cancer cells. Neither rays nor chemotherapeutics are able to identify cancer cells specifically. They kill each cell that cleaves at this moment. They use a property of genetic material. Except during cleaving, genetic material (DNA) is protected by histones. The toxic substances of chemotherapy as well as rays are applied in a dose that do not damage protected DNA but they activate (wake up) progenitor stem cells in body tissues.

Complementary therapies
From internet you can read about a big mass of complementary therapies. We cannot explain them all and refer to the book of Hirneise who intensively checked most of them.

In all these methods the body is not damaged by poisonous substances or rays. They all use self-healing power.

We will only mention a very elegant way. It is possible to use the pungent principle of chili to open closed membranes of mitochondria (Mori et al. 2006; Meyer, Mandel, Knapp 2011)) and start apoptosis without any negative side-effects. But also in this case the tumour disappears, only.
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