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I am Toni Gradl, and developed since 1976 as molecular biologist some technologies. One of them is the quantum dot technology. This technology is able to enhance the effect of biological active molecules dramatically.


Quantum dot technology – What is the point of this technology?
There are thousands of natural substances that can heal. The disadvantage is their rather weak effect. It would be necessary to take big amounts for a very long time.

One first example – AIDS
In full blown AIDS one branch of immunity (cellular immunity) lacks completely. It is this type of immunity that is able to eliminate virus. The bitter of hops is able to restore cellular immunity. The quantity however you would need is so big that nobody is able to eat it. With quantum dot technology it is possible to reduce the quantity to the quantity in 200m l beer.

In trials it turned out that cellular immunity can be restored enabling the body to eliminate the HI-virus itself. ART and HAART in contradiction kill all immune competent cells, because a not proofed hypothesis says they are bearing the HI-virus.

How can i get the product?
Also in contradiction to ART and HAART people are completely healthy after some months. There are no negative side-effects at all. At the moment the product is available only as a food supplement because of lack of 8-10 millions $ being necessary to register it as a drug. Obviously pharmaceutical industry is not interested at all in a product like this. Their owners (shareholders) are not interested in effective products but in profits only. A simple spice is to cheap for this purpose. This is the reason why fear of death enables a billion$ business. This fear is not necessary at all. ART and HAART are extremely expensive measures based on a very weak hypothesis only. Their real effect is a short delay of death only and their side effects are enormous. All other information is suppressed with might and main (media, universities, public health, health-insurances).

I beg you to give this information to as much friends as possible and to all people you know. My be they know an AIDS-case and give him or her hope again.

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4 thoughts on “Introduction

    • Hallo Herr Schmidt,

      ich habe Ihnen per Email die Info zukommen lassen.

      Bei weiteren Fragen einfach erneut melden.

      Mit freundlichen Grüßen
      Toni Gradl

    • Sehr geehrter Herr Meyer-Jenin,

      da ich rechtlich die Seite mit den Produkten nicht veröffentlichen darf (Das Produkt ist derzeit nur als Nahrungsergänzungsmittel auf dem Markt, weil die 8-10 Millionen Euro für einen Registrierung als Arzneimittel fehlen), werde ich Ihnen die Seite persönlich per Email zukommen lassen, da dies wieder erlaubt ist.

      Wer ebenfalls Informationen zu den Produkten haben möchte, soll mir bitte per Reiter Kontakt eine Anfrage schicken. Ich werde Ihnen dann persönlich die Seite zukommen lassen.

      Mit freundlichen Grüßen
      Toni Gradl

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