My name is Toni Gradl. I have developed three technologies as molecular biologist since 1976. One of them is the quantum dot technology. This technology is able to enhance the effect of biological active molecules dramatically.

Quantum dot technology – What’s the point of this technology?

There are thousands of natural substances that can heal. The disadvantage is their rather weak effect. It would be necessary to take big amounts for a very long time.

Portrait: Toni Gradl

I studied biology in Würzburg, Cologne and Fribourg with the specialization microbiology.

Specialist areas
Since 1978 I am working freelance with the research and development of natural products for various applications in the fields of agriculture, feed, veterinary medicine, food, dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and chemical engineering.

I am dealing with the topic cancer since 1984.

I have discovered various surface phenomena between natural products and mineral carrier systems and made their effects for a variety of applications available.

The functional additives already characterised in the use of small quantities by a high degree of efficiency. The composition of these additives and manufacturing technology are unique in the world.

Since 1976, I have therefore developed three technologies as molecular biologist.

Would you like to know more about the technologies? Maybe one of these books could be something for you:

  • The wonderful world of bordering layers from A as in AIDS to Z as in Zucchini
    With Mesundra Dr. Toni Gradl developed a worldwide unique health product. Its effectiveness is based on his technology of “bio-active quantum dots”, which greatly enhances the physiological effects of natural substances. In his easy to understand book “Superficial” you will find out everything about the amazing effects of his newly developed technologies. You will be inspired by this book!
    Price: 18,50€
  • Boundary Layer Techniques in Biotechnology and Their Applications
    New challenges call for new technologies. This requires an analysis of biological processes first. It begins with a differentiation of inside and outside with the separation by bordering layers. In his book Boundary Layer Techniques in Biotechnology and Their Applications Dr. Toni Gradl gives a description of his technology in strictly scientific terms. An important book for experts in the field!
    Price: 34,50€

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